1) First of all Supervisors are very unprofessional . All they do is seating at their tables and if you need them it takes from 15 minutes up to never come to you. Can you now imagine having a customer with mental issues on the phone and make them wait ? ;-).

2) While you on training they pretend it is such a good company to work for. Folks who you trying to fool? Only your self ,that's why the overall overturn of employees is tremendous.But i guess managers there is luck of any business idea and does not realize that overturn cost company more money.

3) They do not care who you are, where you from , whats your family situation - all they care about you being on the phone and making some money to them.

4) I dare you to be on the phone all the time because even if you took just a couple minutes off the phone they gonna send you email or come in person and put your face in deep ***.

5) Now lets talk about employees - They almost all unhappy. Look at their faces when they on break.

6) Optum Behavioral Health Houston,TX location on San Felipe is so far the worst place to work.

7) Co workers- These folks have no idea what is to respect to each other. They loud and eating they tuna salads or chips all the time spreading roaches and bugs.

8) I dare you not to use internet ,lol, the managers will start walking behind your back and keep record that you went online. After you got your corrective action.

9) I ts a jail in real life where you think freedom is above your head.

10) It is miserable supervisors and managers who does not even know what it cost to make your employees happy.

11) Folks , be aware when you applying for this crappy job as call center CSR. Yeah almost forgot to tell you, lmao, on training they will give you bunch of candies so your days are sweet until you hit the floor. It always made me laugh but had to keep it quiet. Also your co-workers are not so sweet as you think all they do is just throwing this bully stuff at people .They luck of i guess even a school diploma.

12) I am not gonna say names since at least I am trying to stay professional but don't waste your precious life on that company it managed by retards.

I didn't like: Worst employer.

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